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About Us

What we mean by Excellence.

We believe that excellence is not contained in intelligence alone, but in the boundless Human Potential. A potential to create, innovate and problem solve that is wholly unique from person to person. A potential that is often overlooked in the rigid educational landscape of Sri Lanka, and virtually unrealized outside the inner circles of Colombo schooling.

Our mission is to change this by accommodating individuality in learning and facilitating access to the best teachers. Teachers equipped with the proper tools to tap into undiscovered potential and breed excellence. Excellence in results and beyond.


Our Story


Having first entered The University of Melbourne, Australia with the hope of studying Dentistry, our founder, Tamara Jayasinghe, was faced with the difficult situation of not finding her interests and passions in her subject. It’s at this moment of difficulty and uncertainty that Tamara discovered new horizons to her potential—when she stumbled into a course called Introduction to Genetics.

Thriving in her new subject, Tamara decided to take on a part time Job in education in her second year and began teaching Biology at Melbourne’s The School For Excellence. She was immediately taken up by the level of professionalism and the quality of educational facilities being offered to learners transitioning from senior school to university. For Tamara, The School For Excellence not only nurtured a talent and instinct for teaching but soon became the inspiration for the Academy of Excellence.

She wished to create the same standard of education in Sri Lanka. A standard accessible to and inclusive of all!

Humble beginnings

Before it was the Academy of Excellence, it was a London O level science class that started from home with a single student. It later expanded into a neighbor’s garage with a body of O level and A level students exceeding a hundred. Before long, it was time for what was a simple tuition class to evolve into the kind of institution of learning that Tamara had imagined—an academy of excellence!

AOE is now made up of a powerhouse team of qualified, experienced and passionate young teachers teaching a variety of subjects, and our team only continues to grow!

Why Choose AOE?

Its Simple. We have so much to offer you!

Access to the best teachers

Our teachers are all qualified professionals with years of experience in education. Their high success rates with students—with many students finding passion and drive for subjects where previously there was none, and many others getting accepted in to the top universities—have earned them great reputations as educators.

A platform for individuality in learning

Our teachers can all agree that there is no such thing as uniformity in learning. We recognize that every learner is unique with a specific set of skills and talents, strengths and weaknesses. We strive to really know and accommodate every learner so that they can reach their full potential.

A holistic learning experience

Our aim is to not simply replicate education for the sake of passing exams and securing places at universities, but to better it so as to build a better world and future. We strive to create a more rounded and purposeful learning experience by going beyond the textbook to situate the subject matter in the wider issues and debates in society and the world.

Exam focus and coaching

While we do place great importance on the long term and wider implications of education, our priority is of course equipping and preparing learners for their most urgent academic requirement—passing exams. Our teachers are well versed in the assessment objectives and requirements of both Edexcel and Cambridge syllabuses and will coach learners in preparation for exams in focused classes.


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